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How do our purchases make a difference?

Consumer Goods

More specifically non-durable consumer goods are the items we purchase and run out of month after month for our entire lives. The items like toothpaste, dish soap, laundry detergent, lotion, soaps, etc. By controlling the distribution of this category these corporations have created a predictable model of cashflow based on our buying habits.

The Illusion Of Choice

There are hundreds of consumer goods brands in our country and the vast majority of them are all owned and controlled by just a handful of mega-corporations. Even when you think you are buying natural products in many cases those natural companies have been absorbed by these giant corporations.

Where Does Your Money Go?

Studies show that nearly 63% of the price you pay for consumer goods add no value to the end consumer. Billions of dollars each year is used to purchase advertising with media companies, fund distribution and big box stores. Spending that money on better, safer ingredients and a company that supports freedom is a better option.

Still Family Owned

When I found out the natural family owned brands I was using were bought out by these mega-corporations, I knew I had to make the switch.


Healthy Confidence!

We love the store and shop there monthly for all our household needs! We especially love their nutritional products. My wife and I are in our 50’s and have never felt healthier and full of energy!


I hate commies

I love that I can get the highest quality US made products at wholesale prices, and support American business and families. Because of this I am no longer funding the enemy!


One of the best things we’ve ever done!

The cleaners are amazing! The Luxury line is my new secret pleasure. Wasn’t sure I could use ANY product due to fragrances—essential oils or otherwise—due to Mast Cell Activation. Guess what? So far there are only a few items out of over 400 I can’t use. This is a miracle. Customer Service is outstanding. Like the way things used to be in America . I look forward to shopping & can’t even wait the full month.


The laundry detergent!

I love the laundry detergent! Got out some nasty cat urine!! 😃


Customer for life!

I reluctantly decided to test the store and was shocked to find out how much I loved the products and service. On top of that, the prices are great. They have gained a lifelong customer!


Keeps me out of Walmart!

I'm so thankful I found this family-owned online store. Like many others, I despise Walmart but know it’s sometimes a necessary evil. Thankfully, shopping at this store allows me to stay out of Walmart as much as possible! Especially since I can choose other retailers through their Marketplace. It's like a one-stop shop!


Good bye to Toxin and Chemicals

Love love love the cleaning products. My home feels clean , safe and no more inhaling chemicals.


Products without fear

I'm highly allergic to synthetic fragrance so buying “clean” products has always been nerve racking for me because you just never know how honest a company is with their ingredients. I can attest that this company is exactly who they say they are! About as clean and honest as it gets!


Even better than I remember!

I was a shopper back in 2006 and have come back loving everything; highest quality products, integrity of the company, outstanding customer service, and now most of all, their American values that support the country I love. This was a no-brainer for me. Where else would a true Patriot shop? US


No more skin issues!!

I converted all of my skin care/ make-up products, as well was my cleaning/laundry products and the rosacea and hives I've been dealing with for well over a decade have completely disappeared! I will never buy anywhere else. What a blessing this American factory store is!!


Tub and tile cleaner!

Thanks so much.. I tried the tub cleaner this morning.. O M G.. it kicks butt on hard water.. I was blown away.. I have tried everything, and nothing worked as well as that. unbelievable..


Change is what changes things.

Until we are willing to accept that we must change our habits in order to affect change, we will never be able to make the difference we need in this country. What are you willing to do in order to affect change? The great part is that we are not asking you to do anything outside your ordinary routine. These are the items you already purchase, the quality is second to none and pricing is comparable if not better in most cases for a better quality product. Just test out the store and make sure it fits into your current budget. That’s it.


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